Status of Multi-stapling and an article about Multi-stapling

Since my last update about the OCSP Multi-stapling draft, a number of things have happened: the document have been approved by the IETF's steering committee (IESG) for publication as an RFC, and the IANA have now assigned the code-point (#17) to identify the new "status_request_v2" TLS Extension. The RFC Editor is currently processing the document.

In related news, the Certificate Authority Security Council have today posted my article "An Introduction to OCSP Multi-Stapling".

2 thoughts on “Status of Multi-stapling and an article about Multi-stapling”

  1. Thank you very much for the article “An Introduction to OCSP Multi-Stapling” on the CA Security Council, I really enjoyed it and it is especially helpful for my research.I am currently studying Computer Science and a part of my Master’s thesis is the analysis of the current availability of OCSP Stapling on webservers across the Internet. You mentioned in your article the following:”[…] (recently, in a survey of 567,000 sites, 13.1 percent of sites with certificates that have OCSP specified supported OCSP stapling, representing 7.6 percent of all SSL servers in the survey) […]”Is this survey you are referring to available to the public?

  2. The survey is part of my TLS Prober project. While the database is not public, I am planning to publish results from this database and new scans. Stay tuned.

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